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They say necessity is the mother of invention and Flip The Script Radio definitely proves that to be true. Broadcasting out of a kitchen in Newark New Jersey, FTSR returned hip hop radio to its more authentic roots, the underground.


Created in 2015 by Greystoke and DJ C Reality, FTSR has proven itself to be a staple in the hip hop scene. Once co-host Teo was recruited to join the show with his unapologetic approach and comedic perspective, the planets aligned, and FTSR was born!


Do not be fooled though, this show is much more than three guys hanging out on a Wednesday night playing music. Greystoke, C Reality, and Teo all have deep roots in hop hop culture that go back decades.


Greystoke has a very storied past harkening back to early b-boy and graffiti culture. He has also produced and engineered music, as well as manage artists, and done videography work. C Reality was heavily involved in hip hop as an active DJ, artist, and radio personality. Teo, hailing from Brooklyn New York, witnessed the very infantile years of hip hop's early days, and became actively involved in the culture at a very early age himself.


Over the nearly 9 years on air, FTSR has had tons of incredible guests make appearances. Flip The Script Radio's goal was to create a platform for current artist's and past legends who are still making great music, that unfortunately is mostly ignored by more mainstream platforms.


If you miss the days of college radio and underground radio shows that turned you on to artists you may have not known of, then Flip The Script Radio every Wednesday from 8-11pm EST on 

Listen to past episodes on our 

Flip The Script Radio goes live every Wednesday 8-11pm EST. and join DJ C-Reality, Teo and Greystoke for three hours of new music, dope segments and crazy laughs.

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