Flip The Script Radio Show

Hip Hop’s New Crib.

FTSR is the culmination of 35 years in Hip Hop. FTSR’s Shows creator Greystoke, a long time MC/Producer has been entrenched in the Culture since 1982. From B-boying to graffiti, Greystoke is no stranger to Hip Hop. After making an attempt at radio in 1997, the love and passion for broadcasting never left. Creating a show on the Internet that could be appreciated by true Hip Hop listeners at home and abroad was always on his mind. So it was only logical that Greystoke would reach out to long time friend DJ C-Reality who honed his radio skills on WBAI’s legendary Underground Railroad Radio Show. Co creator DJ C-REALITY is a veteran Hip Hop DJ in the Tri State area that felt the void in the music industry and radio as well, it wasn’t a hard decision. Completing the FTSR team wasn’t hard either, they didn’t have to look far, all the elements for the type of show Greystoke & C-Reality needed were already in their camp. Mateo completed the FTSR crew with a mixture of comedy and rawness. Mateo is an MC and a long time Hip Hop junkie that brings a real & comedic side to life and the show. Together the FTSR crew brings a unique take on the state of the Hip Hop Culture with new music, great interviews and tons of laughs! Flip The Script Radio is on every Wednesday 8-11pm on http://mixlr.com/flip-the-script-radio/

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Created By Greystoke for Flip The Script Radio 2021