1. Never Afraid prod. by Jeremy Page- Jeremy Page and Skipp Whitman

2. Pendemic 2020- O'Hene Savant 

3. Takin' It Back- Godfather Don and Parental

4. Hustle Don't Give- Apollo Brown and Che' Noir feat. Black Thought

5. Fronts On The Bottom- Splat and Smoke The World 

6. 1-9-9-9- Common feat. Sadat X

7. Found My Niche- AZ

8. Speak Clear (Jah Freedom Remix)- LEX

9. Pardon Me- Dres

10. Face Mask- Hus Kingpin and Roc C

11. You're Getting A Little Too Smart- Detroit Emeralds

12. Uncut Gems- E-Fluent and Reckonize Real

13. Who Is This- Cut Beetlez and Nice Guys

14. Live Or Die- Michael Fiya and Mosbeats

15. Classic Material- Justo The MC and Maticulous

16. Beautiful Life- IKE Ruffin

17. Blow Up The Spot (Milkcrate remix)- KRS-ONE feat. Sadat X and Rahzel 

18. MC Hustler- Horror CIty 

19. Hold Something- Jay Worthy

20. Toledo Panic Button- DNTE

21. NY State Of Mind part 2- Nas 

22. Hard To Quite The Rhyme- 4-IZE

23. The Habit- K Banger

24. Trust Me- GURU feat. N'Dea Davenport

25. Lord I'm Callin- Whata Mess

26. International Arrival demo- Organized Konfusion

27. Flick (Joey Krash edit)- Starvin B feat. Nems and Napoleon Da Legend

28. Love Not Likes- Cedar Hill

29. Algorithm feat. MC Frontalot and Abstract Orchestra

30. Figure Four- Sean Price

31. Shady Blues- Pete Moore

32. Crack Game- Str8 Bangaz feat. Rome Streetz, Rigz, and Daniel Son

33. Thinking Forward feat. Innocent?- Starvin B

34. History feat. Josiah The Gift. Pro Dillinger, Whata Mess, and Mickey Diamond- Snotty

35. Anthrax- Snotty

36. Life To The MC- Mass Influence 

37. Cranial Lumps- The High and The Mighty

38. For Hip Hop- Nivek B

39. Sing Gladiator- Nite Boogie 

40. The Realm Of Realness- Neek The Exotic feat. Philmore Greene

41. Grow- Leaf Erikson feat. Baatin

42. Tabernacle Feat. Ill Conscious- George Fields

43. Icon- Conway and Big Ghost LTD

44. Red Beam- Knowledge The Pirate 

45. CH42- Starker

46. Shine- Haze and Cutz

47. Juice- Ghost Of The Machine and DJ Proof

48. Metal Lords feat. Vinnie Paz. Lord Goat and Ill Bill- Eto

49. Indianenmars- Sigurd Cochius


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