1.  2 Know U- Ill Scholars 

2. Blinders- SIvion

3. Appreciation- LMNO and Madlib

4. Encapsulated- Hus Kingpin and Crimeapple

5. How It Feel- Aliano

6. Flashback- The Arsonists

7. RZA's Keyboard feat. Rome Streetz- Deuce Ellis

8. Sublevel Dominance feat. Don Crisis and Lao Fe- Self Scientific

9. The Difference- Zagnif Nori and DJ Enyoutee

10. You Can't Front- Diamond D

11. Culture Vulture- Masta Ace and Hi Tek

12. Bed Stuy- Spec Boogie

13. History- Mos Def and Talib Kweli 

14. 9th Inning- Stan Ipcus

15. Trauma prod. by Quelle Chris- Homeboy Sandman

16. Hold My Hand- Athletic Mic League 

17. This Is My Calling- Dumi Right feat. Nathaniel Star

18. Hustler's Anthem feat. The Good People- Horror CIty

19. Just Wanna Live II feat. Skyzoo- Rashid Hadee

20. Curse Of The Bambino- Supreme Cerebral

21. Biggie- Sayzee

22. II Corinthians V-VII- Elcamino

23. Craig Hodges- Verbal Kent and The Other Guys

24. ill Vibe (Funky DL remix)- Busta Rhymes and Q Tip

25. The Kraken- Ill Scholars

26. Wack Rappers feat. Vinny Idol- Terror Van Poo

27. Show You- Thrust feat. Nish Rawks

28. Key To The City- Large Professor

29. Pain- Spoda

30. Cruisin feat. Little Brother- Lyric Jones

31. No. 10 and No. 7- Coach Bombay feat. Doccy Boy and JPC

32. Passin Me By remix- Pharcyde

33. Head Shot- Tunnel Movement and Custom Made

34. Dinner Served- Dug Boogie feat. Dynas

35. Makeda Dj Spinna remix- Les Nubians

36. Warriors Ink- Rhyme

37. Clay Pigeons- Deca

38. Blood On The Flag- Sense and Custom Made feat. Booda Blaou

39. Fractals- F.E.B. (Four Elements Beyond)

40. 95 State Of Mind - Rakim Al Jabbaar and Que P

41. Magnificent- Black Thought

42. Ya Playin Yaself remix- Jeru The Damaja 

43. I've Got To Find A Way- Moses Dillard 

44. Devil Didn't Make Me feat. Rasco and EBF- Remo Conscious

45. Curiosity Shop- Deca 

46. Belle Isle Cookout feat. Jypsy and Aaron Taylor- Ketch P

47. Nobody's Safe- King Magnetic and Tone Spliff 

48. A Better Place- Die Rek and DJ Sean P

49. Coattails prod. by Jerm- Hubbs

50. Canvas feat. Blueprint and Supastition- Illogic

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