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1.  Open Up The Door- DJ JS-1 feat. Mr. Cheeks, Craig G, and Rahzel

2. Stick Em Up B-Boy- Kahlee feat. Ric Scales

3. Fifteen Twenty- Hobgoblin feat. J Scienide and Ace Cannons

4. Routes- Hubbs

5. Faith- Uptown XO

6. Mic Talk- John Robinson

7. Ignxrant Art Pt. II- GF Anon

8. Loran's Dance- Idris Muhammad

9. Great Debate- Uptown XO feat. Oddisee

10. Forever 21 feat. Speig- Rhakim Ali

11. Really For Queens Though- Bobby J From Rockaway

12. VHS Surveillance feat. XP The Marxman- Rudy Williams

13. Ladies and Gentlemen feat. Gangster and Feature P- Skanks The Rap Martyr

14. Holy Water- Planet Asia

15. NY- Chocolate Tye

16. Kool G Rap- WoodshelM

17. Now- Configa feat. Hastyle and Nine

18. Stick And Move- Chairman Chow and Southside Jonesy

19. Double Cross Ranch feat. Ren Thomas and Ruste Juxx- Skanks The Rap Martyr

20. 1 For The Poppy Fields- William Bostick

21. Greener Pastures Ahead- Ed Rowe

22. Shadows feat. Solo For Dolo- K Prez and Snowgoons

23. Divinity (Pardon Me)- Precyce Politix

24. Early Exit feat. Roc Marciano- Lloyd Banks

25. Actin Bad feat. Flee Lord- Sha Hef and 183rd

26. 20 Years From Now- The Microphone Prince

27. The Lesson- J Fliz

28. Teknical Foul- Tek Bully

29. Dear feat. Homeboy Sandman- Peter Rosenberg

30. Greed feat. Royce Da 5'9- Ransom

31. Nigga Hephaestus- Davis

32. Confused- Priest Da Nomad

33. Smooth As Silk- Charles Hamilton and Serious Truth

34. MAB's- Hus Kingpin

35. '88 Rooftop- Kool Taj The Gr8

36. Bank Codes- Jamar Equality

37. No Sweat- The Good People

38. The Appeal- Agents Of Reform

39. Ace and Two Kings- The Good People

40. Midnight Sunday feat. Rasheed Chappell- Peter Rosenberg

41. Elevation- Bugsy Da God feat. Dom Pachino and Recognize Ali

42. Payback- David Bars and Mono En Stereo

43. 100 to 1- Rome Streetz and Ankhlejohn

44. Small Deal- Off Side