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1. Bad Meaning Good- Q-Unique 

2. Always Living- Everliven Sound and Slimline Mutha feat. LC

3. Lady Ov Da Night- The Doppelgangaz

4. Winter Wars 2- Killarmy

5. Hollow Points- Adlife 

6. I'm Not Like Them- Different Breed 860 and Dead Poetz and Tone Spliff

7. Who Got Next- Godfather Don

8. Yeah- North$ide Dro

9. Universal Soldier- Jus-P

10. Chain Smoke Monologues- The Bad Seed feat. AMXXR and Weapon E.S.P.

11. Every Season- Travisty

12. Nuthin To Do- Common

13. Make It Hot- DJ Mike C and Kable The Don

14. One Chance To Shine- Thrust OG and BoFaat 

15. Methadone Muzic- DoomDaWiz

16. Goldie Mack- Poe Mack

17. Small Money- Raf Almighty feat. Guy Grams 

18. The Other Line- Prince Paul

19. Two Turntables And A Mic- Black Moon

20. A Reason- Casablanca The Gawd 

21. ICU2- Certain.Ones

22. Light Prisms- Nef feat. Rasheed Chappell and XP The Marxman

23. Snakes- Mic Mountain and Seendadream

24. Bill Nye Tho- LEX and Buck feat. Debonair P

25. Immersion Remix- The Triad, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Indigo Phoenyx and King Kamal

26. Change Your Energy- King Kashmere

27. Under The Gun - Degree and Bhramabull

28. Frostbite- Crimeapple, Daniel Son and MoRuk

29. False Dreams feat. LEX N.Y.R.- Apokalips The Archangel

30. Passin Me By remix- The Pharcyde

31. The Hound feat. Maddog Mcgraw- DJ Kawon

32. The Zest feat. Kapok- The Deli (Moka Only and Baptiste Hayden

33. What About It- Adlife 

34. Pabsts Blue Ribbon- Ryker's Island 

35. BF Shinez- Dios Negasi 

36. Native Vibe- Indian Boy

37. Blue Skies, Black Eyes- Sankofa 

38. Glastron Carlson feat. Johnny Storm- Maze Overlay and Wahr Season

39. I Can Say- Josiah The Gift and Ed Glorious

40. Alien Fiesta- Piff James and Dirty Diggs

41. Shampain- Juga-Naut 

42. Eight Steps To Perfection- Company Flow

43. Witches- Elephant Gym

44. Oren Ishi prod. by Doza The Drum Dealer- Aida 

45. Jot- Paradox and Leo Low Pass feat. Randy Mason

46. Why (Joey Krash edit)- Organized Konfusion

47. Lion's Den- Ill Tandem (Emskee and DoomDaWiz)

48. Sabado Night Live- Eff Yoo and Homeboy Sandman

49. No Idea Is Original- Ben Workin

50. Excursions- A Tribe Called Quest 

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