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1. Wish Me Well- Little Brother 

2. Go Brooklyn- Torae and Marco Polo

3. Era- Ruciano

4. Expensive Relaxation (Dispensary Girl)- Menace The DJ

5. BKLYN- Smif N Wessun

6. The Actual- All City

7. Lullaby feat. Rome Streetz and 38 Spesh- Rasheed Chappell

8. God's Biz- Illien Rosewell feat. Blu 

9. Speechless pt. 2- Nas 

10. Waves Crashing- Your Old Droog and Madlib

11. The Artist- Mercy

12. Bad Company- M Doc Diego and Masta Conga feat. Street Da Villan and Mike Titan

13. Endgamers- Endgame

14. Quick Reminder feat. Asun Eastwood- Snackz and Finn

15. Street Chemistry- Royal Flush and Sean Price feat. Grafh

16. Victory Horns- J Littles and Dezert Eagle 

17. The Nickels - Bobby Craves and Fazeonerok

18. Soap Opera- Dynas and Jah Freedom

19. Final Destination feat. 2Mex- DJ MIke C and 7X3

20. Xanny Tanner- CVLTWORK

21. Snakebite feat. Ruste Juxx- Jus P and BodyBagBen

22. Frozen Rain- NapsNDreds

23. Hardcore Legend feat. Brainorchestra- Whoa1.0

24. Mouthpiece- Sam RI

25. UV Rays- Endgame 

26. Hungry- Common

27. How Many MC's (J Force remix)- Black Moon

28. Imperial Hip Hop- Starvin B

29. Final Words feat. Double- Skanks The Rap Martyr 

30. Top Floor feat. Foul Monday- DJ Akil and Foul Monday

31. Jesus Piece (Theory Hazit Remix)- Libretto and Vitamin D

32. In The Sun feat. Q-Tip- Large Professor 

33. No Airplay- LL Cool J

34. Hand Me Downs- Aye Wun and True CIpher 

35. Y'all Clowns- Stu Bangas featuring Psycho Les cuts by Tone Spliff

36. Heart Container- DOS (Death Over Simplicity)

37. Make The Move- Illien Rosewell feat. DNLSMKS

38. Patience Is A Virtue- William S. Fischer 

39. My Release- Xcel

40. The Orator- Cymarshall Law and Slimline Mutha

41. Dope Dealer feat. Noel Pancho- Rasheed Chappell 

42. Cricket Lounge Cocaine- Moemaw Naedon

43. What Zone Is This?- Jacques Retro 

44. In Harmony- Emapea

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