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1. Indigenous Gems- King Mighty

2. Fisk Of Fury- Slik Jack and Sqreeb

3. Master Plumbers- PenPals

4. The Great Illusion- K.A.A.N.

5. Reality- B Young and Haz Solo feat. Skyzoo

6. Cheers- Carta P

7. Double Cross Ranch- Skanks The Rap Martyr feat. Ruste Juxx

8. Acid Raindrops- P.U.T.S.

9. Then and Now feat. AM7- Race Bannon

10. No Difference- B Young and Haz Solo

11. Think Twice- INI

12. Cheers- Crimeapple

13. Gun Play feat. Grafh- Chase Fetti

14. Game Face remix- Cedar Hill

15. Grim feat. AFRO- K.A.A.N.

16. Brainstorm (DJ Priority remix)- O.C. and Lord Finesse

17. Soulful Busine$$- Artifacts

18. To Whom I Hate  feat. Domain Brown- Ridgy

19.  It's Edo And Insight- Edo G and Insight Innovates

20. Get Loose feat. Ke Turner, Blazy Green, and DJ Techneek- Teksun

21. The Law feat. Larcen- Bison

22. Different Flow- Jason Famous Beats feat. Mike Titan, A7MC, and Nivek B.

23. Shit Soft feat. Agallah- Terror Van Poo and Vinny Idol

24. Tango N Cash- M Doc Diego and Manzu Beatz

25. Change- Shadez Of Brooklyn

26. Praise Due- J-Treds

27. Official- 55th Ammendment

28. Loose Change feat. Earl Sweatshirt- The Alchemist

29. Good In Goodbye feat. Brady Watt- Edo G and Insight Innovates

30. One Way Or Another- Datkid and Illinformed

31. I'm Real- Sey and Noza

32. Funeral March feat. Chino XL- Configa and DJ Views

33. Machine Gun Etiquette- Vinnie Paz feat. Billy Danze

34. Midlife Crisis feat. Tha Soloist, Cuts by DJ TMB- The Uglee Trooth

35. Never Change- Khrysis

36. A New Beginning- Shabaam Sahdeeq

37. Save The Children- Showbiz and Milano

38. Child Of The King- St. Ivan The Terrible

39. Level Up- Nic Mercer

40. Walkin Through The Mayhem- Ciphurphace and Ales Rivers

41. Barbershop Freestyle feat. Roc Marciano- Wordup

42. Miura- Cousin Feo and Bohemia Lynch

43. Crepe Rubber Solo- Supreme Cerebral and Eloh Kush

44. Halls Of Doubt- Waterr

45. After Hours- Charlie Mitchell

46. Harder Than- BigBob and Raf Almighty

47. If Its Only Noise- Taiyamo Denku, feat. Mega Ran and Just Wulf

48. King Kong- Papoose feat. Jim Jones

49. Ill MF- DJ Enyoutee and Carlton Fisk

50. Judo Slang- XNOW716