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1. Wut U R- Jamal Gasol

2. One Of One- Eleven and Jason D

3. Conglomerates feat. Josiah The Gift, Jay Royale, and Giallo Point- Machacha

4. I Like It remix- Grand Puba

5. I Know You Know I Know- Crimeapple 

6. Dedicated- Stevie Franks

7. Seek/Find- Jae Skeese 

8. Off The Roof- Illpo

9. Amulets- Melanin 9

10. Steve Biko- A Tribe Called Quest 

11. The Bizness (Vinyl Reanimators remix)- De La Soul

12. They Keep On Laughin- Emskee

13. 1,2 Pass It- D and D Project 

14. Unfriendly Extortion feat. Jay Nice and Mickey Diamond- Machacha 

15. My Halo Is A Fila Headband- Wize Crack

16. Oddysey- Sirius B

17. Heidi Hoe- Common Sense

18. Rotten Apple- Royal Flush

19. Traficante Wars (Macapella remix)- Hus Kingpin

20. Niguz Talk Shit- Black Moon

21. Grey Discipline feat. Eto- Chino XL

22. Homeboy Sandman- 2 Hungry Bros and Homeboy Sandman

23. When It Rains It Pours- Shadez Of Brooklyn

24. On The Hustle- Stevie Franks

25. Bullet Proof Arrogance- Precyce Politix and D.R.U.G.S. Beats

26. Top Notch- Kurious

27. Jack Daniels- Kurious and Ro Data

28. The Prowl feat. DJ Revolution- NapsNdreds

29. Pasquale Suits- Smokewell feat. Daniel Son

30. Ya Playin Yaself remix- Jeru The Damaja

31. Ego Trippin- Swank and King Draft 

32. My Bad- Kain

33. The Book Of Emory feat. DoSe and Maziano- Kevlar Kohleone 

34. Miracles- Kice Of Course

35. The Fire In Which You Burn Slow feat. J Treds- Company Flow 

36. 1-800 Bars- DInco D

37. Vibes and Stuff- A Tribe Called Quest 

38. Cosmonaut- Your Old Droog

39. Imminent Danger feat. Power Black- Pappy Natson 

40. What It Is- Pharoahe Monch

41. BBQ Sauce feat. Pharoahe Monch- Sean Price

42. Business Class feat. UFO Fev, Tha God Fahim, and Mickey Diamond- Observe

43. Critical Mass feat. Rim, Innocent?, Foul Monday and DJ Mr. Switch- Endemic Emerald

44. Special- Strange Fruit Project 

45. Leave Him Alone- Stu Gardner

46. Joe Pesci- A.M. Early Morning and Johnny Slash

47. Dumpster Diving- The Doppelgangaz

48. Myself- Brainorchestra

49. Trendz One The Endz feat. Jamil Honesty- NapsNdreds

50. Griselda Freestyle- Kool Kim

51. Sometimes feat. Xkwisit- Shyste Chronkyte

52. Dead Body feat. Lord Goat and Recognize Ali- Stu Bangas

53. Kill Switch feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skanks, Main The Medicine, Dro Pesci, Ruste Juxx, Born Unique, and D.V. Alias Khryst- U.G. and Nick Wiz

54. Ganji- Rasheed Chappell and XP The Marxman

55. Candles- Long Division and Professor Brian Oblivion

56. Return To Crooklyn- Napoleon Da Legend and Amerigo Gazaway

57. The Cool Table- L-Biz and Castle Money Beats